How to become an expert and fix anything in your home

Be a macgyver in your home

Minor repairs or home equipment installation are not that difficult. In most cases all you need is a simple manual - you can solve most of the issues this way. Being able to carry out the repairs on your own saves you a lot of time, which you would spend on waiting for a specialist. It is also a great relief for your wallet - professional repair might be costly. Our employees will help you to choose the best accessories to attach, mask, seal or glue anything. Expertly tips will make it easier to decide which leveling equipment and tools are the best in your case. We will show you, how professionals deal with the most common household repairs.

Only proven solutions

Are you looking for universal equipment that can be used in every situation? Here in our shop you will find everything you need. Functional and durable mounting tapes or clamping systems will help you to build durable and damage resistant constructions. Advice from our specialists might be an essential help in home improvement.