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Are you looking for tutorials that would help you with construction, renovation or furnishing? You are in the right place! Here on this blog you can find plenty of safe and solid solutions. They concern not only construction, but also heating systems, ventilation, sewage system and installations.

Instalguru blog stands for a reliable and trustworthy knowledge base, where professionals share their work experience and offer technical expertise. Thanks to the installation and maintenance guides you will be able to perform many of the works on your own. Perhaps calling a plumber or an expert will not be necessary, as you will handle the work thanks to our tutorials.

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Thanks to the information and suggestions available on the website you will never get tricked by pseudo “professionals” who have no idea what they are doing. With our help you will become a real expert at your home. The knowledge you will gain will result in conscious choices of durable and practical products. You will also be able to perform maintenance works that until now seemed impossible to do.

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