Rain gutters - what are the best guttering supplies?

Rain gutters are important elements of a drainage system in every house. The main purpose of a guttering is to remove excess water which could accumulate on the roof. The system consists of various elements, such as pipes, elbows, couplers and others. Efficiency of guttering depends on the quality of the used elements, but that’s not the only factor. Accessories and supplies are equally important.

Table of contents

  1. Gully traps
  2. Gully trap reducer
  3. Downspout filters
  4. Gutter cleaning tools
  5. Gutter coating
  6. Sealants for rain gutters



Gully traps

Gully traps are very important gutter accessories. Those elements connect two systems - rain gutters and sewers. They have two different purposes:

  • removing water from a building,
  • protecting the building from water that might accumulate around the building and sink into the foundations.

Guttering supplies, such as gully traps are available in different sizes, therefore it is very easy to fit them to your gutters installation.

Manufacturers offer models with special buckets so that it is easier to clean the guttering. Such buckets, or baskets protect rain gutters from leaves and other waste that could clog the system. Unlike downspout filters, gully traps are installed horizontally.

Gully trap reducer

To connect a downspout and a gully trap, one needs a reducer. It protects the system from leaking. Reductions are available to buy in different colours and sizes, therefore the connection is durable and elegant.

Downspout filters

Downspout filters are very useful and important guttering elements. They protect the underground sewage system, not letting any waste through. Contrary to gully traps, they are installed vertically. They stop leaves and small branches from flowing further down the downspout.

Downspout filters are also appreciated because they make it easier to access the guttering system.

Downspout filters, similar to gully traps, are typically made of a durable plastic, usually polypropylene. Thanks to this they can be installed outside private households, as well as public buildings and large halls. They are resistant to mechanical damage, chemicals, corrosion and extreme temperatures. Products of this type are also resistant to discolouration caused by UV lighting.

They keep their original shape for a long time. Thanks to this feature they do not have to be replaced each year to keep the aesthetics of a building.



Gutter cleaning tools

To work properly, rain gutters should be examined systematically. Guttering needs to be cleaned at least once a year. In areas of colder climate, the also should be prepared for winter. To do this, one can use gutter cleaning tools, which make the whole process much easier. There are many accessories of this type on the market. Various brushes are most commonly used to remove dry leaves and other waste.

You might also buy a special guttering cleaning kit, which is a part of a pressure washer. Using it, one can clean gutters, as well as plumbing installation pipes. It’s a perfect tool for unclogging blockages. It can be used for various types of piping.

One can also buy automatic gutter cleaning robots. They are quite unpopular but very useful tools that are able to clean a gutter without human assistance. They are highly durable and waterproof. How does such a robot works? One just has to place it on the surface that needs cleaning and turn it on.

Brushes installed on the front of the device remove leaves, mud and dirt, leaving the gutters clean. Automatic brushes have rubber tracks, which allow them to clean downspouts.

Gutter coating

Steel rain gutters are more vulnerable to damage than PVC guttering. While they are quite durable, they are also prone to corrosion, especially if scratched. A simple scratch can be quickly fixes with touch-up paint. Using it, one can easily remove any scratches or indentations without necessity to repaint the whole guttering. Such products are sold in various colours, therefore it is easy to match it with the owned rain gutters.

Sealants for rain gutters

Browsing through guttering supplies, one can find various types of sealants. They usually contain natural rubber, which is highly durable and resistant to damage, extreme temperatures and UV lighting. Such products are easy to use and one shouldn’t have any difficulties with application. Products based on natural rubber typically last several years.

If sealants are not an option, one can also use a sealing tape. It is very quick to use. Because a tape of this kind adheres very well, the time of installation is greatly reduced. There is also no need to wait until the product dries. The spot in which a tape is applied, is protected by a thin, durable and waterproof layer. While sealing tapes are typically transparent, one can also paint them over to improve aesthetic.

Using various gutter supplies might positively influence the state of one’s guttering. Using guttering products can significantly lengthen lifespan of the system. Any minor damages can be fixed with gutter supplies.

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