Exposed pipes - how to use them in interior design?

Modern interior design can take many forms. It might be a simple, yet elegant and classic style, or an interior that looks like a part of a prosperous factory. Industrial style is becoming increasingly popular - also in modern apartments and offices. Concealing pipes in a wall is no longer necessary - on the contrary! Exposed pipes can give your place an exceptionally interesting look.

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  1. Concealing pipes - why it belongs in the past?
  2. The most popular types of pipes
  3. Is copper the only suitable material?
  4. A good idea is the most important part



Concealing pipes - why it belongs in the past?

Modern interior design is appreciated by an increasing number of people. The contemporary trends indicate that crude designs are considered very interesting and therefore they are highly valued. Exposing pipes is a good idea to make an apartment look unique.

Traditionally, exposed pipe works in an apartment mean that the interior hasn’t been finished yet. Nevertheless, as interior design experts claim, this might change soon, already being a trend. By exposing pipes in a living room or kitchen, homeowners accentuate the modern style of their apartments. At the same time they get rid of unnecessary objects that take too much space.

The most popular pipes for home decoration

One of the most commonly exposed pipes are made of copper. They are highly valued among home decorators because of their unique colour. They are perfect for industrial style - but that’s not the only option. Copper pipes also fit very well to rustic or vintage style apartments. A pipe made of this metal is a very good looking element. It can be complemented with appropriate furniture set and stylish decorations.

Is copper the only suitable material?

It is a common misconception that only copper pipes are suitable to expose them. In fact, many modern spaces designed in the industrial style look perfect with steel pipe system. Few people decide to use so called raw material, although it industrial style very well.

If you want to adjust the looks of your pipes to any other particular style, you can simply paint them. Paint will surely improve the looks of any PVC pipe. You can use any paint even those in spray cans. Make sure to sand the surface so that the paint sticks better.



A good idea is the most important part!

If you are designing your apartment, keep in mind that the most important part is having a good idea. Perhaps you do not like the idea of exposing your piping system. At the same time you do not want to cover them with a cardboard covering. In that case you might, for instance, use an openwork cover for a pipe. There is no one ultimate solution in this case. You might use a simple openwork grid, or metal elements wrapped around the pipe. Feel free to unleash your creativity and make your place look exactly as you want it.

How to paint pvc pipe?

Sand the surface of the pipe to enhance adhesion. Most of types of paint are good, choose it according to your needs. You can also you a spray paint.

How to use a pipe for home decoration?

Leaving pipes exposed is a good idea to make your home look stylish and modern. Copper pipes are the most popular ones, but any type can look good. Make sure you have a good plan and design everything carefully.

How to bend copper pipe?

There are many plumbing tools that you can use to bend a pipe. There is a whole group of tools called pipe benders. You can also heat a part of the pipe and try to bend it with your own hands. This method is less accurate than when using tools.

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