Bathroom accessories installation

The most important, and the most difficult stage of furnishing your bathroom is finding the right bathroom accessories. Installation of bathroom furniture such as toilet, basin, shower or bath might be problematic. How to quickly install the sanitary fittings and connect them to water supply and sewage system? Learn what you should know about it.

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  1. How to plumb a basin?
  2. Wall hung basin
  3. Vanity unit
  4. Installing a bath
  5. How to install a toilet?



A proper installation of bathroom accessories is a highly important matter - correct functioning of the fittings depends on it.

If the appliances are plumbed improperly, they might leak and, in consequence, flood the bathroom. It might cause improper circulation of water in the installation. That is why correct installation of all fittings is so crucial for bathroom t function properly.

How to plumb a basin?

There are several methods for basin installation. A wall-hung bowl is attached to the wall with bolts and brackets. There are also standing sinks combined with cupboards - vanity units.

Depending on a particular model, the installation process is going to be different.

Wall hung basin

This type of bathroom furniture usually have round or square shapes. How difficult a sink is to attach to a wall depends on its form. Keep in mind that in this type of appliance a sink trap remains visible. For this reason it is a good idea to choose an appliance that matches the rest of the whole bathroom design. A chrome element might be the best solution in this case.

It is also possible to hide the installation elements behind a pedestal or a trap cover. It is one of the most popular solutions in this case.

Start the installation from placing an automatic sink waste in the drain. Then install the faucet. Remember to insert seals protecting the sink from leaking. Attach the sink trap and insert a drain pipe into it (remembering to put a seal) and a cap. You can do it manually, special tools are not necessary in this case.

Vanity unit

This type usually contains a basin shaped like oval or circle. Installation should start from cutting two holes in the cupboard - for a faucet and for a drain. Then place the bowl in the right opening. Attach the bottom of the sink to the cupboard, using transparent silicone. Spread the substance on the edges and press the basin against the cupboard. Wipe the excess silicone using a soft, damp cloth. The last step involves the trap installation and plugging the appliances to the water system. Use flexible hoses or copper pipes for this purpose.

Remember to turn off the main water supply before starting the installation.



Installing a bath

Where to install a bath? The best and most commonly chosen spots to place it are bathroom walls. Pay attention to the ground - the floor should be even so that the bath is stable. If you decided to install a bath in your bathroom, you should start from the legs - attach them to the bath and regulate their height.

If you are sure that the bath is correctly fitted, tighten the legs so that they are firm. The next step is to attach the trap and drain pipe in the suitable spot.Remember to put seals on both elements, so that the newly created system doesn’t leak. The final thing that needs to be done is to attach the bath hose to the special drain hole.

After installing the whole system, put silicone on the ledges and secure the bath.

How to install a toilet?

A toilet installation requires inserting a flushing mechanism into the largest opening. Remember to put a seal on it. The two remaining holes are intended for bolts and caps. The flush should be positioned in the tank and all pieces secured with polypropylene nuts. The whole appliance must be stable. Make sure that the flush doesn’t budge.

The next step is to insert a float ball. It should be placed to the left or to the right of the flush. Place the cover on top and insert the flush valve in the hole inside.

Insert a rubber offset pan connector into the drainpipe located in the bathroom floor. It needs to be connected with the vertical outlet of the toilet bowl. Mark spots for bolts. Place the bowl on the floor, aligning it with the bolt spots. Screw the bolts and insert wall plugs. Align the toilet bowl once again and screw it firmly, using a socket wrench.

Make sure that the toilet is fixed in place and that it doesn’t budge.

Put caps on the bolts. The flush should be attached to the valve using toilet accessories - in this case a flexible hose. For a better result, cover the connection with silicone.

Bathroom accessories installation is only seemingly difficult. Thanks to appropriate manuals one can do it on one’s own.

Where to buy bathroom accessories?

The best place to buy bathroom accessories is a hardware shop. You might also search the Internet auctions. In both cases, make sure to measure everything in advance.

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