Flashing tape - what is it and how to use it?

Flashing tape is a tool that should be kept in every household. Thanks to its versatility it can be used for small emergency repairs as well as for serious renovations performed by professionals. Manufacturers offer various types of flashing tapes, such as bathroom sealant tape, repair seal tape or sealing tape for concrete. Each type is used for different purpose, however they all have one common feature - they are highly durable. Learn, what exactly is a flashing tape and how to use it.

Table of contents

  1. What is a flashing tape?
  2. Types of waterproof tapes
  3. Roof flashing tape
  4. Chimney sealing tape
  5. Flashing tape for windows
  6. Flashing tape for furnaces
  7. Other uses



What is a flashing tape?

A waterproof tape is a highly resistant product, typically made of aluminium - one of the most common element that can be found on Earth.

Thanks to the use of this material, a flashing tape is characterised by the following features:

  • durability,
  • flexibility,
  • plasticity,
  • resistance to corrosion,
  • heat conduction,
  • resistance to UV lighting,
  • exceptional resistance to high temperatures,
  • good adhesiveness,
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

Types of waterproof tapes

Before purchasing a flashing tape, one needs to consider its desired function and place of installation. There are various products available on the market, with various qualities and purposes. Find the most popular flashing tapes that can be used for various repairs below.

Roof flashing tape

It is used for roof sealing and almost all kinds of repair works. It is self-adhesive, therefore the installation is very easy. Roof flash band has an aluminium protective layer, thanks to which it is more durable and waterproof. Because of this, it can be placed at spots that are the most exposed water.

Flashing tape remains adhesive even in extremely low or high temperatures.

Chimney sealing tape

Products used for sealing a chimney need to be made of high quality materials that cannot be damaged even in the most extreme conditions. Chimney is highly exposed to high temperatures, humidity and dirt. For this reason the best type of flashing tape in this case is the one with butyl sealant, made of aluminium and lead.

Manufacturers offer products of this type in various colours, so one can match the seam tape to other elements.

Flashing tape for windows

This type is used mainly for roof windows, which are exposed to water and UV lighting. Window sealing tape is layered with aluminium. Thanks to this the product is additionally protected against damage.

Flashing tape for furnaces

Furnace and fireplace sealing requires a special heat-resistant flashing tape. It is usually made of fibreglass. It is stuck directly to the area around the glass and door of a furnace or a fireplace.



Other uses

Waterproof tape is a very universal product. Except from its basic function, which is sealing, it can be also used for repairs, masking or as a protective layer. The following list contains the most popular uses for a flashing tape.

  • Plumbing works - a seal tape can prevent corrosion of cold water and sewer system pipes.
  • Leaking roof - flash band is a perfect tool for quick roof repairs. It can be used on sheet metal, steel roof tile, shingles and tar paper. Because manufacturers offer wide array of colours, it is easy to find the right seam tape matching the colour of the roof.
  • Foil insulation installation - installing a foil on the roof is much quicker when using sealing tape. The connection is also very durable.
  • Connections sealing - flashing tape is a perfect tool for securing connections made of any material. It adheres very well to metal, wood and plastic. The self adhesive layer also sticks to slate, plaster, concrete and glass.
  • Garden repairs - thanks to the resistance properties of a flashing tape, it can be used outside in difficult weather conditions. You can use it to repair various elements of garden furniture and seal maintenance rooms such as sheds.
  • Sealing gutters - gutters are elements that are commonly broken or leaking. It is usually caused by mechanical damage or very low temperatures that freeze the water inside the pipe. A flashing tape can be used to seal the leaks and restore the proper functioning of the gutter.
  • Wire protection - flash band can be also used for securing wires that remain outside the building. This way they are protected from water and other dangers.
  • Sealing the surface under ceramic tiles - a waterproof tape is a perfect sealant that can be used for creating a protective layer under ceramic tiles.



Flashing tape can be used for many works at home, in the garage or in a workshop. Using it makes any repair much quicker and easier. The biggest advantage of sealing tapes is their durability. Because of this the sealing is strong and lasting. Are you planning any repair works at your home? Make sure you have a flashing tape.

How to install window flashing tape?

Make sure to stick flashing tape thoroughly on each side of the window. Press it carefully so that is sticks well.

What is flashing tape?

Flashing tape is a highly durable product used for sealing various elements, such as roof, windows, chimney or furnace. It’s waterproof and resistant to many factors.

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