Perfect kitchen faucets for a beautiful contemporary kitchen

There are a lot of various types of kitchen faucets available on the market. They differ in size, threads, functions and most importantly - styles. In addition to their basic functioning, faucets also serve with their looks, contributing to the interior design. A perfect appliance of this type should match both the design and one’s individual needs. Before choosing the right faucet it is good to learn all the types and styles available to purchase.

Table of contents

  1. Faucets by installation method
  2. Classic wall-mounted faucet
  3. Deck-mount faucets
  4. Types of kitchen faucet spouts
  5. Pull-out faucet
  6. Flexible faucet
  7. Rotating faucet
  8. Materials used for faucets
  9. Functionality of faucets
  10. Additional functions



Faucets by installation method

The way of installation is the fundamental issue that should be kept in mind while choosing a faucet. There are two types: wall-mounted and deck-mounted. Both of those types can decorate and accentuate the interior design. Due to their construction, each of these types fits different conditions.

Classic wall-mounted faucet

Wall-mount faucets can be installed only if the pipes delivering the water are placed above the sink. Taps of this type usually have two handles. Faucets with X-shaped handles are recently quite popular. Such design stands for classic elegance with a trace of contemporary style. Wall-mounted taps look best in traditional arrangements.

If the kitchen is designed in vintage style, choosing “retro” faucets that are fashioned to look like in the thirties might be a good idea.

Deck-mount faucets

Deck-mount faucets are typically mounted directly to the counter of the kitchen sink. They can be installed when the pipes run below the level of sanitary fittings. One of the most popular models of this type is single handle faucet. It fits many contemporary designs, including kitchen islands and sinks facing windows.

Types of kitchen faucet spouts

Spout is the most important component of a kitchen faucet. Apart from its visual qualities, it plays a significant role in functioning of the whole appliance. The best spout is the one designed specifically for one’s needs. A carefully chosen product should be comfortable to use, making everyday activities easier.

Manufacturers offer the following types of spouts:

  • pull-out,
  • flexible,
  • rotating,
  • fixed.



Pull-out faucet

Recent trends in kitchen design incorporate pull-out faucets placed under a window. Such an appliance is very useful and it works well in every kitchen. A tap of this type can be mounted with a single bowl sink, as well as with double bowl sinks. The pull-out spout makes filling even the largest pot very convenient. It is also a big help for activities such as cleaning the sink, rinsing vegetables, filling a bucket with water without the need to put it in the sink. Most of the faucets of this type have two stream patterns to set - the water can be concentrated or sprayed. The spouts can additionally have water-saving functions and aerators.

Flexible faucet

Another type of faucet of growing popularity is flexible spout faucet. It’s similar to the pull-out faucet - it allows for leading the water stream in any direction. It makes filling large dishes easier too. Apart from functionality, which is the most important feature, flexible faucets also have magnificent looks. They are available in a wide range of colours, which helps to fit the style of a contemporary kitchen. Models in plain, neutral colours look very elegant in traditional kitchens. The biggest advantage of this type of faucets is the fact that they can be adjusted to fit one’s taste. Their flexibility allows to shape them freely.

Rotating and fixed faucets

Faucets that are fixed into one place and the ones that can be rotated are the most commonly chosen products. Their main characteristics is the classic, neutral design. They are definitely less convenient than flexible and pull-out faucets. Their biggest advantage is the price - such models are the least expensive.

Materials used for faucets

Kitchen faucet is one of the most visible elements in every kitchen. Having that in mind, it is worth to choose a product that is not only functional but also good-looking - so that it fits the whole design.

There are many faucets made of various materials available on the market. The best material is brass. It is resistant to physical damage, corrosion, chemicals and scale residues. Durability is not the only advantage of brass - it also looks very good. What’s more, the elegant appearance of this metal is a long-lasting quality. Although there are cheaper substitutes for faucet models that are made of plastic, they will never be as strong and sturdy as brass.

Most of the brass faucets are covered with a layer of chrome, which looks very elegant and additionally protects the surface. Thanks to its classic appearance, this type of kitchen faucet fits any interior design.

Apart from chrome, kitchen faucets are also available in many other colours. Because of this it should be very easy to find an appliance with colours matching the furniture, walls or other appliances. Black kitchen faucets are recently a very popular choice. This colour works perfectly for contemporary or industrial style kitchens. White tap, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for scandinavian or English style kitchens. Another type that becomes increasingly popular are brass faucets without the chrome layer. They fit elegant, glamour style interiors.



Functionality of faucets

Before choosing the right faucet it is important to consider the way it is going to be used. Available products include traditional single and double handle faucets, as well as innovative and very practical touchless kitchen faucets. The latter are quite groundbreaking inventions. Such faucets are triggered by an infrared sensor which detects movement.

The biggest advantages of such devices are hygiene, economy, thermal disinfection, easy installation and modern design. Touchless faucets are perfect for individuals who value functionality and modern look.

Additional functions

Most of the contemporary faucets use specially designed water filters that purify the water from bacteria and toxic substances. Tap with a filter is a good choice for those who value safety and hygiene.

Another useful feature for a kitchen faucet is water heater. Such an appliance guarantees that the water is always warm.

A faucet is one of the most important elements in every kitchen. It is important to carefully choose this appliance to make sure that it serves all your needs. Kitchen faucet should not only function properly but also be an attractive decoration.

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