Should you get a freestanding bathtub faucet?

Solutions such as wall and deck mount faucets are slowly becoming outdated. Many homeowners decide to choose freestanding bath faucets. They are suitable both for floor standing bathtubs and for traditional models. Floor mounted bath faucet is a stylish and elegant bathroom element.

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  1. Where to install a freestanding bath faucet?
  2. Bathtub faucet - durability and functionality
  3. Saving water
  4. Floor mounted bath faucet designs
  5. Estimated costs
  6. How to install a freestanding bath faucet?



Where to install a freestanding bath faucet?

A freestanding bathtub faucet has a big potential when it comes to installation. It can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, according to one’s preference and desire. The device looks great when located in the middle of a bathtub, as well as on the side. A floor mounted bath faucet can be used to create a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. It’s also very functional.

Bathtub faucet - durability and functionality

Bath tub faucets are typically made of a high quality brass. Metal of this type is highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage, breaking and deformation. Most of the faucets available on the market are coated with chrome, which acts as another layer of protection.

Important Bath taps are typically resistant to humidity, corrosion, scratching and incrustation. Faucets cannot be damaged with chemical substances used for bathroom cleaning. Their big advantage is the fact that they are very easy to clean. The smooth, shiny surface helps to keep the device clean almost effortlessly.

Manufacturers offer many various types of freestanding bath faucets. They differ in style and variety of functions.

Saving water

As most of modern taps, freestanding faucets have specially designed spouts that help to preserve water. Most of the offered devices can be purchased along with an aerator. You can also buy it separately.

Aerator is a tiny screen that mixes water with air and breaks up the stream. Using it, one can save up to 50% of water.

Floor mounted bath faucet designs

The biggest advantage of freestanding bath tub faucets is their unique and stylish design. Its presence makes the bathroom look more elegant. They fit various styles - classical, industrial, loft and minimalist.

Classic, chromed faucets are the most popular. There are also black and golden bath faucets. Colours of this type might be a good idea if you want to make your bathroom look innovative and original. The variety of shades that is available on the market makes it easier to choose a suitable bath faucet. One can also pick from a wide array of shapes and designs.

Classic, round faucet, or perhaps a modern rectangular bath tap? Manufacturers offer a lot of possibilities - there are many shapes, sizes and colours. Thanks to this your bathroom might be original and suited to your own taste.



Estimated costs

Freestanding bathtub faucet is currently one of the most popular bathroom trends. It is commonly chosen by homeowners who pay attention to aesthetics and style. Keep in mind that it also means that devices of this type are more expensive than the traditional models. Merely purchasing a bath faucet is not enough. Installation of such a bathroom accessory requires more effort than normally. The water system needs to be fitted specifically for them, therefore the total cost might be even higher.

How to install a freestanding bath faucet?

If you decided to purchase a floor mounted bathtub faucet, you need to prepare the water installation. The plumbing system is significantly different than the one used for traditional taps. For this reason you need to plan everything carefully - before even buying the device.

If your bathroom contains a classical bath faucet, you need to replace the whole system before you can install a freestanding bath tap. This might mean a need to completely renovate the room.

Floor mounted bathtub faucet is a perfect solution for a classical bathroom, as well as for an innovative, modern one. There are many colours, shapes and designs to choose from, therefore one can find an appropriate model matching their taste.

How to remove a bathtub faucet?

Removing a bathtub faucet might differ depending on the model. If it’s a slip-on faucet, just unscrew the screw holding it. There are also threaded spouts - if you own this model, just twist the whole tap.

How to install bathtub faucet?

Method of installation of a bathtub faucet depends on the model type. Freestanding bath taps might require modifying the plumbing system.

How to repair bathtub faucet?

Remove the bath faucet and examine it for any signs of damage. If it’s needed replace appropriate parts. Put the faucet back into its place.

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