How to choose the right toilet seat cover?

Toilet seat is one of the most important elements of any toilet. This part of the appliance guarantees a comfortable use and proper hygiene. Manufacturers offer whole sets containing everything that is needed. In some cases, however, elements such as toilet seat are sold separately. Choosing the right item might be confusing, as they have various shapes, colours, sizes and materials. In this article you will learn how to choose the best toilet seat.

Table of contents

  1. How to measure toilet seat? Toilet seat sizes
  2. The best toilet seat material - which one to choose?
  3. Toilet seat colours and shapes
  4. Toilet seat - extra features
  5. How to install a toilet seat?



Toilet seat sizes

One of the most significant issues when choosing the right toilet seat is its size. Producers offer various types of toilets in different shapes and sizes. Therefore the most important aspect that one should pay attention to is the length and width of the seat. The width of the hinges is equally important - too wide or too narrow might not fit the toilet. The whole procedure is easier when you just replace an old toilet seat.

In such a case you can simply take the old seat to the shop and show it to a salesperson. However when choosing a seat for a new toilet, you need to carefully measure the length and width, as well as the hinges in the toilet. You can also buy both the toilet and the seat at one place to make sure they match perfectly.

The best toilet seat material - which one to choose?

Manufacturers offer several solutions when it comes to materials for toilet seats. The most commonly used one is polypropylene, sometimes called soft plastic. One of its biggest advantage is low price. Toilet seats made of polypropylene are lightweight and quite elastic. They are also, however, quite likely to be damaged. Such toilet seats are easy to be scratched and broken. Polypropylene elements might also lose their shape after being used too intensely.

Another often used material for toilet seats is hard plastic. Products of this type are less prone to damage and deformation in comparison with those made of soft plastic. One of their biggest advantage is high resistance to discolouration. It is very easy to clean them, which reduces the amount of time spent on cleaning the bathroom. Some toilet seats made of hard plastic contain silver particles added to their structure. It makes them immune to bacteria and fungi. It’s definitely one of the best type of products.

If functionality is not the main priority and the focus is rather on the looks and design that would fit the bathroom, wooden or resin products might be a better choice. Resin toilet seats usually employ very decorative designs. Their popularity grows, as resin is quite resistant to physical damage. Wooden toilet seats, on the other hand, are relatively new to the the market. They look very stylish and elegant. Unfortunately wood is far less resistant to dirt than plastic. Such material is also bacteria-friendly. If the wooden look is to your taste a better alternative might be to choose a plastic seat that resembles wood.

Quite an interesting solution that fits the modern home decor design trends are stainless steel toilet seats. They are not only highly resistant to damage but also they are antibacterial. Their popularity grows in public spaces such as pubs and restaurants. Because of their sturdiness, stainless steel toilet seats have a good price-performance ratio.



Toilet seat colours and shapes

It might seem that the choice of colours in toilet seats is very limited. The most universal colour is obviously white, as it fits most of the toilets. The colour palette, however, is not as limited as it seems. Manufacturers usually offer toilet seats in at least several dozens of colours. This also allows to buy models with interesting prints, although their popularity decreased over the last years. There are also already mentioned products made of wood and steel - those materials constitute for decorations themselves.

Choosing the right shape might be a similar process. Oval toilet seats are the most popular ones, as they fit most of the toilet bowls. It is worth noting, however, that toilets have different shapes. Popularity of round or rectangular toilets grows - along with toilet seats.

There is also another group of products, designed specifically for children. They have very interesting shapes and colours that encourage children to use the toilet. A good choice is a model with cartoon characters. It might be surprising what effect one can achieve thanks to such a solution.

Toilet seat - extra features

When choosing a toilet seat, one should also pay attention to additional features which make using bathroom much easier and more pleasant. One of the basic and most commonly chosen feature is so called soft close. There are many advantages of such system. Most importantly, it protects the toilet from damage which might be caused by rapidly falling lid. A soft close toilet seat is also a good idea for small children learning to use a toilet. It prevents their small fingers and hands from getting crushed or pinched by the lid.

Another interesting solution designed specifically for small children is double-lid toilet seat. This type of product contains two lids - one of normal size and one that is smaller. If a toddler needs to use the bathroom, the small potty lid is opened. It can be easily lifted in case an adult uses the bathroom. Such a toilet seat, however, is more difficult to clean in comparison with standard products, due to more hard to reach spots where dirt and bacteria accumulate.

The last, quite intriguing solution is a bidet toilet seat. It contains a bidet tap attached to the seat. Such model is perfect if you have little space in your bathroom but you do not want to give up certain amenities. Nonetheless, toilet seats of this type are a rare choice perhaps due to their cost, which is not necessarily the lowest.



Install your toilet seat

If you have already chosen the perfect toilet seat for yourself, you should probably learn how to instal such an element. If your new purchase is a replacement, you should remove the old toilet seat. Unscrewing the bolts might be the most difficult part in this case, especially if the seat was used for a very long time. In case of any trouble you might try to apply a special product onto the bolts, for instance WD-40. Keep in mind that before starting the installation you should carefully clean the surface.

Almost every type of toilet seat nowadays has an instruction attached. All you need to do is to carefully follow every step.

Typically the installation looks as follows:

  • putting the bars in so called settling elements and putting seals on them,
  • inserting the bars into the toilet holes and putting another set of seals or special pads on them,
  • attaching wing screws,
  • setting the toilet seat in the middle of the toilet and tightening the screws.

Be very careful during installation and make sure not to put too much force, especially when tightening the elements. It could damage or fracture the toilet bowl.

How to measure toilet seat?

The qualities that need to be measured are width and length of the toilet bowl, and the width of the hinges. Make sure to take the measurements very carefully. Too wide or too narrow toilet seat would not fit the toilet.

How to replace a toilet seat?

Start from removing the old toilet seat. If the seat was used for a long time, the screws might be difficult to detach. In such case use a special product, for instance WD-40. After removing the old seat proceed to instal the new one.

How to install a toilet seat?

It is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. The installation typically involves putting special bars in suitable places, sealing them and attaching to the toilet. Be careful not to damage the toilet when installing the toilet seat.

How to use toilet seat covers?

Take out the cover out of its container and spread it on the toilet seat. Pinch the middle section so that it falls into the toilet bowl. After using the toilet you can flush the cover as it is made of disposable material.

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