Toilet bowl installation - how to do it?

Toilet is one of the most basic elements of every bathroom. It’s difficult to imagine this room without it. There are many types of appliances offered by manufacturers. Among the most modern ones are wall mounted toilet bowls. Traditional gravity fed toilet does not lose its popularity. Why? It is quite a cheap solution. Another factor is the easy installation.

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  1. Toilet bowl installation - step by step guide
  2. Two ways to attach a toilet
  3. Water tank installation



Toilet bowl installation - step by step guide

Choosing the right toilet bowl depends mainly on where the outlet is located. There are two types of outlets:

  • vertical - soil pipe is connected to the floor,
  • horizontal - the outlet is in the wall.

The installation of a vertical outlet toilet is quite similar to positioning a toilet with horizontal pipe connection. The good news is that many of the products are universal, meaning that they can be connected freely, depending on one’s needs. There are also two types of toilet bowl that can be connected with screws or a set with angle irons.

The first step of toilet installation is preparing the surface. Carefully measure the spot, in which the product is going to stand.

Installing a toilet bowl - two methods

If you use screws for installation, you need to drill holes in the floor and put wall plugs (anchors) in them. Then the toilet pan is placed and screwed, and bolt caps are put on the screws.

ImportantThe whole process is quite similar if the toilet is attached to the floor with a set of angle irons. First you need to attach the angle irons and then just place and attach the toilet pan.

Water tank installation

The last stage of a toilet installation is attaching the water tank. To do this, you need to:

  • unscrew the flush button,
  • take off the cover,
  • fasten the seals and screws at the bottom of the tank,
  • put the cover back in place,
  • attach the flush mechanism.

An important stage is attaching a rubber tube to the tank. The last part is installing a toilet seat. When you purchase the toilet pan, make sure that a seat is included. Most of the toilet bowls need buying a separate seat.

How to remove toilet bowl ring?

You can easily get rid of a toilet bowl ring, using vinegar and baking soda. Pour vinegar into the toilet bowl, spread it with a toilet brush and sprinkle baking soda over the surface. Repat those steps after a while and scrub the rest of the dirt away.

How to install toilet bowl?

Toilet bowl installation depends on the type of the toilet. Many models are attached to the floor. You need to drill holes in the floor and fasten the toilet pan to it, using screws.

How to replace toilet bowl?

First you need to remove the old toilet - cut off the water supply and drain the water tank (first flushing and then using a towel or sponge and a bucket). Disconnect the cistern and then toilet pan. After cleaning the area, you can attach the new toilet.

How to install a wax ring on a toilet bowl?

Just press the wax at the bottom of the toilet pan and set the bowl in place. Wax ring is installed between toilet bowl and the outlet, on the bottom.

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