How important is garage ventilation system?

A functional and efficient garage ventilation system is a must, regardless of the garage type. One cannot forget to install it. A properly built and well maintained ventilation system lets you breathe clean, fresh air. It is important, especially in a room such as garage. It helps to remove unpleasant smells and dangerous substances, e.g. exhaust fumes.

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  1. Types of garage ventilation
  2. Heated rooms
  3. Unheated rooms
  4. Technology in ventilation systems



Types of garage ventilation

Ventilation - air replacement process is one of the most crucial aspects for a building of any type. Natural ventilation is a popular and commonly chosen ventilation system in many buildings. It is valued for its functionality and, more importantly, low cost of installation.

This type of ventilation is activated with air movement. The air flow is caused by differences in air density and pressure inside and outside a garage.

Higher temperature air in garage has lower density than the colder air outside - hence it flows upwards. The convection process is possible thanks to traditional air vents. Gravitational systems do not require electricity, therefore it is reliable and failure free. Mechanical ventilation is a highly effective method of air exchange in a garage. It provides enough fresh air, which is also additionally dried.

Mechanical installation is independent from weather conditions, hence it can work throughout the whole year.

To build such a system, the room needs to be completely airtight. Installation of a mechanical ventilation system is slightly more expensive than building a natural ventilation. Keep in mind that because it uses electricity, running such installation incurs extra costs. In contrast with natural method, mechanical ventilation requires manual operation and regular maintenance.



Heated rooms

Heated garages are typically build as a part of a building. Their proper ventilation is very important, as it removes humidity from the room.

Gravitational ventilation with an air vent going through the roof is a minimum. The distance between a vent grille and outside air vent should be at least 3 metres.

Regardless, mechanical ventilation might be a better solution for a heated garage. Installation of such system is not a complicated process. All that needs to be done is installation of a ventilator in one of the wall vents. Ventilator with an automatic switch is one of the most convenient solutions. It is operated by a carbon dioxide sensor. Such installation requires an additional vent in the lower part of an opposite wall or in the gate - to bring fresh air inside.

Unheated rooms

Unheated garage ventilation is as important as ventilation in a heated room. Natural systems are the most commonly used in this case. The whole process is possible due to openings in outside compartments placed in opposite side walls or in a garage gate.

Natural garage ventilation is regulated by law in many countries, which determines the number and the size of such openings.



Technology in ventilation systems

Manufacturers constantly propose new, advanced ventilator models, increasing their functionality. To enhance the ventilation process, they offer, for instance, vacuum fans that are put in motion when garage door is opened. The mechanism also works for a while after closing it.

Some popular products have features such as timer and an automatic curtain which prevents the fumes from going back into the room. A functional ventilation system does not only make a room more comfortable. It is an absolute necessity. Without it dangerous substances and gases could linger inside of the room. Ventilation helps to eliminate the problem.

Keep in mind that garage ventilation is strictly regulated by law, therefore every homeowner should comply with the standards of their country.

What is ventilation?

Ventilation is simply air replacement - used air is replaced with a fresh and clean one. It prevents pollution from lingering in a room, which could be harmful for anyone staying inside.

What is mechanical ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation is a type of ventilation that uses a special device, called ventilator. It requires the use of electricity. It is independent from weather conditions.

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